ILHAIRE means:

Incorporating Laughter into Human Avatar Interactions: Research and Experiments.

It is a European project (FP7) that started in 2011.

Laughter is a significant feature of human communication. ILHAIRE objectives are to help the scientific and industrial community to bridge the gap between knowledge on human laughter and its use by avatars, thus enabling sociable conversational agents to be designed, using natural-looking and natural-sounding laughter.
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Belfast Assembly Meeting

Tue 8 April, 2014

Paris Assembly Meeting

Wed 15 January, 2014

Project Review

Fri 15 November, 2013
Annual Project Review by the European Commission


Links to public deliverables


The list of published scientific papers by ILHAIRE participants

The ILHAIRE laughter database

A web site dedicated to laughter databases by Queen's University Belfast

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