Honorable Mention at ACM MM

Posted on Mon 18 Nov 2013

The Social Signal Interpretation (SSI) framework developed by partners from University of Augsburg, which in the ILHAIRE project is used for multi-modal laughter detection in real-time, was awarded with an Honorable Mention at the ACM MM Open Source Software Competition of this year's ACM Multimedia Conference (http://sigmm.org/Resources/software/ossc). ACM Multimedia (MM) is the flagship conference of the Multimedia Community, which profiles cutting-edge scientific developments and showcases innovative industrial multimedia technologies and applications. Starting in 2004, ACM Multimedia hosts every year an Open Source competition, providing an award for the best Open Source computer program(s). To qualify, software must be provided with source code and licensed in such a manner that it can be used free of charge in academic and research settings. Bringing tools to record, analyse and recognize human behaviour, the Social Signal Interpretation (SSI) supports the development of automated computer systems sensitive to a user's verbal and non-verbal behaviour. In the future such technology will help to establish a more natural human-computer interaction. Within the ILHAIRE project SSI is used to collect large-scale multi-modal laughter corpora and create an online laughter detector, which combines facial and vocal laughter cues to output a continuous decision whether a user is laughing and at what intensity.

Johannes Wagner, Florian Lingenfelser, Tobias Baur, Ionut Damian, Felix Kistler, and Elisabeth André. 2013. The social signal interpretation (SSI) framework: multimodal signal processing and recognition in real-time. In Proceedings of the 21st ACM international conference on Multimedia (MM ’13). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 831-834.