ILHAIRE Laughter detector

Posted on Thu 28 Mar 2013by by Johannes Wagner
Last update 18-09-2013
The laughter detector developed during (eNTERFACE 2012 ) will be used in the TARDIS project. The TARDIS project started in 2011 is a project funded by the European Commission aiming to build a scenario-based serious-game simulation platform for young people at risk of exclusion, aged 18-25, to explore, practice and improve their social skills.

In order to evaluate the quality of a job interview, social cues extracted from body language, facial expression and speech are recorded and analyzed in real-time. The development of behaviour analysis tools is one of the core aims of the projects. Laughter as an important social signal in conversations is hence of high interest for the TARDIS project.

TARDIS’s social cue detection has been implemented using the Social Signal Interpretation (SSI) framework, which is also used in ILHAIRE for real-time laughter detection. Hence recognition components can be easily shared between both projects. In a first step, the online laughter detector developed within the Laugh Machine project at eNTERFACE under supervision of several partners from the ILHAIRE project has been successfully integrated in the TARDIS pipeline; now allowing them to detect laughter and speech events in job interviews.
Johannes Wagner