ILHAIRE symposium in Basel

Posted on Thu 12 Sep 2013by by Jennifer Hofmann
How does laughter look like…

From slight amusement to rolling on the floor in face, voice, and body.

This August and September, the aisles of the department for Personality Psychology and Assessment are filled with laughter again. The team at UZH is integrating the inevitable signs of laughter in different modalities into a dimensional description system. For this, codings of the facial expressions, codings of the body movements and features of the laughter vocalizations are analyzed. The findings of this study are presented at the SPG congress of the Swiss Psychological Society in Basel (for more information:

At this conference, the ILHAIRE consortium contributes a full symposium on laughter research, including the teams of Queens University Belfast, the University of Mons, the University of Genova, CNRS Paris, and the University of Zurich. Here are the contribution titles:

1) Advances in knowledge on the expressive features of laughter (UZH)

2) A lexical study of laughter (UZH)

3) Automated analysis of laughter from full-body movement (UNIGE)

4) In defence of laughter (QUB)

5) Infected with amusement — by the laughter of a laughing virtual agent (UMONS, CNRS, UZH)

Jennifer Hofmann