Year-2 kick-off meeting

Posted on Mon 05 Nov 2012by by Harry Griffin
Last update 10-12-2012
The ILHAIRE partners came to London for the year-2 kick off meeting on the 3rd and 4th October. Hot on the heels of a successful and constructive year-1 review meeting at the European Commission in Brussels, we had plenty to discuss and plans to make. Year 1 saw substantial leaps forward in the technology of laughter synthesis and detection, with several publications under review and projects submitted. In year 2 we will bring these new technical opportunities to bear on some of the fundamental psychological questions of laughter.

With a long history of laughter research the team from UZH are ideally placed to focus our experiments and keep them on a secure psychological footing. With their guidance the consortium drew up a list of scenarios for future experiments. Brainstorming these laughter generation tasks is a lot of fun, but ensuring that they are feasible in multimodal recording experiment is much more of a challenge. Experiments will start very quickly in year-2 so various partners will be collaborating to gather data in the next few months.

Elisabeth Andre took the opportunity to give a talk at the UCLIC seminar series which was very well received, and many of the partners came out to sample some of London’s excellent pubs and restaurants. We look forward to hosting the ILHAIRE partners in London again in 2013, when there will be plenty more to discuss and more plans to make!
Harry Griffin